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As in any religious community, important festivals and rites of passage are observed. Christmas, harvest and springtime occasions such as Easter are celebrated in a non-dogmatic way. Our services usually include hymns, prayers and/or meditations, and lively addresses intended to spark spiritual reflection in the individual.

We celebrate weddings, child naming ceremonies and funerals. Following the change in marriage law in 2014, we now happily perform same-sex weddings. Unitarians were among the first to acknowledge the sanctity of loving relationships among couples of the same gender.

In addition, we celebrate some uniquely Unitarian services, Flower Communion service such as the annual Flower Communion, in which flowers are brought and exchanged in recognition of the importance of the individual in relation to their community. In the autumn, after members return from their holidays in far-flung places, we celebrate a Gathering of the Waters Service, in which samples of the waters from around the globe are encouraged to mingle in a common vessel.

Adult religious education
Arising from the Unitarian view that all religious belief is personal and worked out by the individual, we offer several opportunities each year to address the issues of a personal theology. Small groups meet to hear ideas, reflect upon and discuss them in a safe, non-academic environment. One of the best-known of these, called “Building Your Own Theology”, has been practised in several countries for more than thirty years.

Other activities

Rainbows Across Borders choir We are currently fortunate enough to be able to call on a number of excellent organists or pianists to play at our services.
We have also enjoyed some performances by the choir of Rainbows Across Borders, several of whom are regular members of the congregation.